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FHA and/or VA Transactions

This is where you will post the explanation and information about FHA and/or VA Transactions....

Seller Responsibilities Buyer Responsibilities
  1. Doc. Stamps on Deed
  2. Abstracting (approx.)
  3. Discount Points (prevailing) and/or Warehousing charge (varies with Mortgage Company)
  4. VA: Amortization Schedule; Assignment of Mortgage; Tax Service; and Doc. Prep. Fee
  5. Appraisal Fees
  6. Real Estate Commission
  7. Payoff existing mortgage
  8. Tax proration from Jan. 1 to date of closing.
  9. Inspections as required by FHA/VA: Termite, Code Inspection, Roof, etc., together with any and all required repairs.

Note: Add county surtax for other than single family residential. Watch for interest in arrears. If the title reflects reservations for oil & mineral, canal and/or road, VA & FHA require same to be released at a cost to the seller of approximately $350.00 each.

Note: These charges are estimates only. Actual charges will be determined by lender.

  1. Origination Fee of 1% of Mortgage Amount
  2. Credit Report (per person)
  3. Interest from date of closing through end of the month.
  4. 1st year of Homeowner's Insurance and 1st year of Flood Insurance, if applicable, plus 2 months each for Escrow.
  5. Survey
  6. Owner's Title Insurance
  7. Mortgage Title Insurance
  8. Recording Fees: Deed, Mortgage, Doc. Stamps on Note; Intangible Tax on Mortgage.
  9. Escrows: taxes - month of closing plus 3 (example: June is 6th month + 3 = 9 months to be escrowed).
  10. VA only - Funding Fee 1% Mortgage Amount
  11. FHA only - One time MIP.
  12. Closing Fee
  13. Title Examination Fee
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